Snoop Dogg Infiltrates the Dragon Ball Fanbase through Social

(On side project which made me geek — literally.)

Snoop Beerus DBZ.jpg

Creating god-like engagement

The power of communication is fascinating, especially when it comes to making viral memes that resonate across multiple fanbases on social media platforms. Below, I'll document the journey I took in the development of the social media graphic which was re-tweeted by one of my legends Snoop Dogg!


The idea

While scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across a meme that referenced that a Dragonball Super (Japanese anime show) character named Beerus looked similar to Snoop Dogg. I was truly excited, since I probably have much of the Long Beach legend's music on my iPhone / I'm diehard in getting a potential Disney's Aladdin movie to cast Snoop Dogg as Jafar.


gods of different universes, united

Off the bat, the two are gods. Snoop Dogg is a legendary rap god, while Beerus is a God of Destruction in his universe. Even on quirky characteristics alone, Beerus has a diehard obsession with Earth's food while Snoop has a diehard obsession with... well, you already know. But where that reference began, another amazing highlight clicked... Their all-powerful friend / sidekick.


Both characters also are strong advocates of the god's passion, the euphoria of eating food and enjoying herbal delights. But then a suddenly massive idea clicked when I realized that these two side-kick characters shared one major thing in common — their names Wiz Khalifa and Whis the Angel.

Suddenly realizing that I went directly into Photoshop, crafting a photo combining these two characters into one social media graphic of a masterpiece. In a flow state, I developed copy that combined the best of both universes, stating that Lord Snoop (Lord Beerus) and Whis Khalifa (Wiz Khalifa) we're going to Hakai (Japanese for destroy) the rap game. The inclusion of Hakai was perfect, as it is one scene which was highly hyped up and repeated by fans on YouTube. (I admit, I replayed this scene multiple times.) The emoji was bonus points, as it looks like the hakai move Beerus uses.


As I went to upload to Instagram and Twitter, I thought why not get Snoop and Wiz Khalifa involved. Snoop already provides some of the most hilarious content on both platforms daily being a major influencer, similar to how DJ Khaled controls Snapchat with his daily life. Moments after uploading, I received a retweet and Instagram "re-gram" from @SnoopDogg, with my phone's notification going off the charts with retweets, comments and likes.

The engagement of people was the best part, as it was pretty amazing to watch people who love both Snoop and Dragonball come together to give their opinion on the meme.


Twitter post: 526 retweets / 945 likes / 25 comments.

Instagram post: 40.2k likes / over 700 comments.

The most fulfilling aspect was just combining two different worlds of fans into one, exciting the niche of those whole like both and potentially getting fans of either just Snoop or Dragonball Super to come together. Even more exciting was that I received a few e-mails asking me about design services. The bigger takeaway is the power of combining ideas and reaching out to get them spread. What more can be created to create mass appeal and reach like this one?

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