Shane Allen of CarmelloVision

Shane Allen is an adventure driven Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist who creates opportunities to help brands grow and become successful. Shane’s primary focus is to use both illustration and graphic design to create a cultural kaleidoscope of expression and connectivity! 

Shane’s past includes work in the Hospitality, Education and Technology industry on a variety of projects ranging from mobile application illustration, branding collateral, publication design and internal marketing. Shane is also an on-going educational instructor in Japan where he is able to immerse himself in other cultures seamlessly and exchange numerous stories  — both acting as inspiration for his design process. 

His influence comes from life in Japan, the US West Coast and the curiosity of a sociable jet-setter. Interests include social media, business development, entrepreneurship, travel, graffiti, the entertainment industry, brand development, photography, and most recently 360 film work. 

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